After Hours Medical Centres Near Kitsilano for Late Night Emergencies

After Hours Medical Centres Near Kitsilano for Late Night Emergencies
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Sometimes you or someone you know might experience a late night medical emergency that will prompt you to seek out the convenience of a medical centre over that of a hospital. For Kitsilano residents in particular, there are a few nearby options that offer late night hours to serve you whenever you require care the most. At each of these locations you'll be able to get in relatively quickly to see a doctor who will be able to address whatever problem or injury you're dealing with. For a full breakdown of the centres you can turn to, here are the main after hours medical centres in Kitsilano that will always be there for you, even well into the night.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff at Khatsahlano Medical Clinic

One of the main Kitsilano late night medical centres that can serve you is the Khatsahlano Medical Clinic located at 2685 West Broadway. Open Monday-Thursday from 8AM-8:45PM, Friday from 8AM-6PM, and Saturdays and Sundays from 9AM-6PM, this is a clinic that's been providing quality patient care to local area residents for over 10 years. It's their personal belief at Khatsahlano that your medical care begins from the moment you step through their doors, and as such, their office staff make it their priority to attend to every new patient upon arrival, getting you in to see a doctor at the earliest possible convenience. All of the doctors at the clinic will listen to your concerns fully so that they can understand the exact nature of your medical problem and take the best course of action for treatment. The clinic itself has even been rated as the best independent medical clinic in Vancouver by the Georgia Straight Annual Reader's Poll. So if you're looking for a convenient location that boasts a professional staff who will attend to you the second you arrive, Khatsahlano Medical Clinic is the choice for you.

All Your Needs Taken Care of at Yaletown Medical Clinic

Another late night medical centre located just outside the Kitsilano community is Yaletown Medical Clinic, which can be found at 1296 Pacific Blvd. Monday-Friday hours are from 9AM-8PM, and weekend hours are from 10AM-5PM. At the clinic, they're committed to providing all their drop-in patients with full, comprehensive service that includes top quality medical care for anyone from infants to senior citizens. The location itself is a fully equipped and modernized medical facility that gives all their on-site doctors the ability to deal with any urgent medical concern or even minor surgical issues. Led by Dr. Imtiaz Hassam, the entire staff at Yaletown seeks to help you with reaching your maximum state of health and wellness by providing services including private physician consultations, full medical examinations, cardiovascular risk assessment, preventative health care assessments, nutrition counselling, and wellness/screening programs. All your needs and concerns will be taken care of during your time as a patient at Yaletown Medical Clinic.

Friendly and Helpful Service at Wellpoint Medical Clinic

One more option for Kitsilano residents looking for late-night medical care is the Wellpoint Medical Clinic (formerly known as Maple Medical Clinic) located at 2025 Broadway West. Their regular hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 9AM-9PM, Friday from 9AM-5PM, and weekends from 10AM-6PM. The staff at Wellpoint – including both their reception personnel and doctors – have a reputation for their friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable service that makes patients feel comfortable and at ease no matter what the circumstances of their visit. The clinic's building is clean and well-kept and features all the latest medical technology to allow their physicians to diagnose and treat a wide range of patient issues. Wellpoint Medical Clinic represents a quality and localized option for Kitsilano residents looking for any type of late night medical care throughout the week.

For finding after hours doctors in Kitsilano, the community itself has a handful of professional clinics to choose from that can serve drop-in patients well into the night. Regardless of which one you decide to use whenever you're in need of late night medical care, you'll be certain to find attentive staff and timely care at each location.