Attention Golf Lovers: Have You Visited the BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame?

Attention Golf Lovers: Have You Visited the BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame?
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If you live in or visit the Vancouver area and are enthusiastic about golf, then you have to visit the BC Golf Museum and Hall of Fame housed by the BC Golf House Society at the University Golf Club in Vancouver. There you'll find British Columbia's oldest surviving golf clubhouse, which has been fully renovated and converted into a museum and hall of fame for the relaxing and noble sport of golf. There's something there to interest anyone who enjoys the game.

Golf's History Comes to Life

Built in 1930, the original University Golf Club's clubhouse is the oldest building on the property that was built for golf, so it's great to see that it is still being used for that purpose. When a new clubhouse was built in the '80s, a group of collectors realized that the old clubhouse would make a perfect venue for a museum, and the building was saved from demolition and renamed the BC Golf House. It remains the only independent golf museum and library in North America.

Authentic Golfing Artifacts and Extensive Records

The museum features exhibits of clubs, balls, bags and all other manners of golf equipment collected from throughout the history of the sport, with the oldest clubs in the collection dating back to 1790. The BC Golf House takes seriously its mission to preserve the history of the sport, so they also maintain a reference library with information and pictures of every golf course in the province, as well as records of many courses that are no longer in operation. The first golf course in BC was established in 1892 at Jericho Beach, which means there have been a lot of courses during the province's history. The museum's library contains over 5,000 books about the sport on topics including history, technique, reference, and general interest.

Learn about British Columbia's Golf Greats at the Hall of Fame

Founded in 2001, the Golf Hall of Fame of BC honours golfers whose contributions have advanced the sport in British Columbia. The BC Golf House holds an induction ceremony on every odd-numbered year to honour new members of the Hall of Fame. Nominees are selected based on a detailed list of events, and 34 people representing all different kinds of players from junior to male and female amateur to male and female professional have received this prestigious recognition. The entire 1994 Dunhill Nations Cup Team has also been singled out for Hall of Fame recognition. You can learn about all of them when you visit the venerable clubhouse.

It's a fact that not many golf courses have an appointed historian or committee dedicated to chronicling and preserving the course's history. This makes the BC Golf House all the more admirable as they perform this important service not only for their own course, but as much as they can for courses all over the province. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, there is guaranteed to be something to learn, something to fascinate you, and something to make you think about the sport you love in a whole new way at the BC Golf House.