Celebrate International Museum Day with a Visit to One of These West Van Museums

Celebrate International Museum Day with a Visit to One of These West Van Museums
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May is just around the corner, and we can feel the warmth and excitement in the air. Vancouver is a beautiful place to be, and with the warmer weather of spring and summer, we get to truly enjoy all that our city has to offer. Many festivals bring with them happy and celebrated people, and the month of May is no different. May 18 this year will also mark the 36th annual International Museum Day. Step outside your boundaries of Kitsilano, and visit one of these spectacular West Vancouver museums to make it a true holiday for you and your family.

Art Exhibitions: West Vancouver Museum

A place that is dedicated to bringing a shining light to the culture of art, and one that garners much appreciation and adoration for their exhibitions from locals and tourists alike, West Vancouver Museum is filled with creativity from top to bottom. Located centrally just a few blocks north from Marine Drive, you can find West Vancouver Museum at 680 17 Street in a quaint, stone-clad building that very much resembles a loving family home. SD 45 One is an upcoming exhibition that showcases the talents of West Vancouver students, which will be running from April 10 to May 31.

Fire Service History: West Vancouver Fire Museum

If you have a little someone in the family who might like to grow up to be a firefighter, why not take them here to enjoy some of the history behind West Vancouver's fire service? The West Vancouver Fire Museum is located at 965 Cross Creek Road behind the fire station itself, and can be accessed from the parking lot at Sentinel High School. Take a trip back in time and view the vintage fire-fighting vehicles that date back to 1929, and view the many monuments while getting a history lesson or two about the brave firefighting heroes of West Vancouver's past. Whether you have an up-and-coming fire fighter in the family, or simply have an appreciation for the profession, the West Vancouver Fire Museum is surely worth a visit.

A Little Farther: Britannia Mine Museum

If you're willing to take the trek a little farther than West Vancouver, you can find yourself at a museum that will surely wow you, and one that is a popular tourist destination on the way to Whistler. Located in Britannia Beach, just outside of Furry Creek about 30 minutes north of West Vancouver, you'll find Britannia Mine Museum. This is an award-winning national historic site, and before you even enter, you'll surely understand why. On the site of an actual previous working mine, you'll learn about the history of the mine and have an opportunity to take an underground train tour, amongst so much more.

Once you've made the trip into West Vancouver, you'll surely be glad you did. With so much natural beauty in West Vancouver, you'll have a whole new vantage point of the city you love so much. So for International Museum Day, step outside your norm of Kitsilano museums, and go a little more global with some of these hot spots in West Vancouver instead.