Cooking Classes in Kits! Master Exotic Cuisine from All Around the World

Cooking Classes in Kits! Master Exotic Cuisine from All Around the World
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Wouldn't it be something to travel around the world and be able to experience, and even learn how to cook various types of cuisine? Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to do so at any time they please. That doesn't mean that the culinary adventures can't come to us, right? If you’re looking to expand your culinary repertoire, these exotic cooking classes in Kitsilano will take your kitchen on a global tour.

Quince - A Boutique Studio Cooking School

Located in the heart of Kitsilano, Quince is an impeccably clean and stunning studio where you can learn how to master the craft of cooking. With helpful and patient chefs to teach you how to perfect your skills every step of the way, Quince doesn't offer just the basics. Offering up classes in cuisine from around the world, such as Spanish Tapas, Classic French Bistro, a Vive Chile! Tapas class, or a class dedicated to the delicate art of making Paella, it's evident that the team at Quince are looking to go the distance with their students. This studio will teach you a variety of basic skills, including pasta making, knife skills, dough making, and cooking with shellfish. This studio has everything to offer an amateur or intermediate cook looking to go pro.

Quince offers private and team building classes for a more hands on, intimate experience that can also become a wine-pairing event. Bring your appetite, as you won't be going home hungry! Be sure to check the schedules at Quince for a complete list of their spring schedule and pricing. Prices per class do vary, and range between $50 to $120 per person.

Cooking Classes at the Kitsilano Community Center

While we've traveled to Spain, Chile, and France at Quince thus far, the cooking classes at the Kitsilano Community Center will go on a longer flight and drop us off in Africa this March, shortly after coming off a trip to the Philippines in February. Learning how to cook with exotic spices from such regions can be tricky. Take saffron for example. Saffron should be used sparingly, and it is one of the many difficult spices you will learn to master in various delicate dishes, along with nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. Potent? Yes. Possible? Of course. Start with an African cooking class on March 19 at 1:30 PM at $2 per person, and follow up with an African luncheon on March 28th at 12:30 PM at $11 per person. The Kitsilano Community Center updates their schedule monthly, offering up a new style of cuisine from a different part of the world every month.

Cooking classes are a wonderful way to experience a piece of what traveling abroad can offer: great food, learning opportunities, and a chance to meet new people. Some, as many others have done, may even discover a new passion through these classes; such as sourcing great produce and products, food photography or blogging, to even exploring an idea for a new business. These classes are a welcomed part of the Kitsilano community, and are a wonderful way to bring different people together for an afternoon or evening of culinary surprises.