Endless Summer: Counting Down the Best Beaches in Kitsilano

Endless Summer: Counting Down the Best Beaches in Kitsilano
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Vancouver is a world gem of a city. From sea to sky to seemingly perpetual forest, with mountain ranges to the north and east, it's easy to see why the city has enjoyed such an incredible influx of permanent residents from both within and outside of Canada. Kitsilano, by measure, is easily the liveliest and artsiest community, hosting a diverse plethora of interesting people of all backgrounds. This local diversity is complemented by the natural beauty of the city's surroundings, and as often as weather permits (which might be more than you'd expect), everyone gathers for a day at one of Vancouver's world-class beaches to bathe in the sun, or simply enjoy the ambiance. Here’s a list of the top three beaches in and around Kitsilano and the Vancouver area, so you can join in the fun of an endless summer in the city.

Jericho Beach: The Subject of Your Children's Future Nostalgia

Located to the west of seaside Kitsilano in English Bay, Jericho Beach is one of the most family-friendly beaches you'll ever visit. Boasting a tennis court, a pond, and a multitude of areas perfect for a weekend picnic, it's the kind of place your kids will remember with nostalgia as they grow older. The surrounding Jericho Beach Park is home to rabbits and other wildlife, and hosts the Jericho Sailing Centre Association. This beach is perfect for sunbathers and explorers of all ages.

Wreck Beach: Clothing Optional, but Family Friendly

Famously known as the most prominent clothing-optional beach in British Columbia, Wreck Beach is located in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park just west of Vancouver. Five minutes from the easily accessible University of British Columbia (UBC) campus, the beach sports a number of beautiful trails that route to its shores. It is just as family friendly as Jericho, and within easy transit vicinity to Kitsilano and the rest of the downtown neighbourhoods.

Kitsilano Beach: Central and Trendy, a Sunbathers Paradise

Easily number one on our list for many reasons, Kitsilano Beach is located right next to the neighbourhood of the same name, just inside of English Bay. It was recently named one of the world’s 10 sexiest beaches by Forbes Traveller magazine, right next to Laguna Beach in California, South Beach in Miami, and Ka'anapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii, which comes as no surprise to Kitsilano locals. The beach is close to city life, and allows for amazing views of the mountains and the sea. It’s also a great place to people-watch, as trendy Kitsilano has some of the most interesting people around. For all these reasons, the decision to visit Kits Beach is a no-brainer.

Kitsilano is central to practically everything in the city, from the excitement one would expect in a downtown core, to a peaceful escape into pure and unmitigated nature. The beaches are simply one expression of what's to be seen and done in Vancouver, and the beauty as it shines through diversity and individual people makes the area glow. You'll never regret a visit or a move, as it's always the right direction if it's moving towards Vancouver. Wherever you are, you'll be at home when you're here!