Historic Vancouver Property, Gabriola House, For Sale

Historic Vancouver Property, Gabriola House, For Sale
Peter Raab

Gabriola House, one of Vancouver's oldest buildings and the former home of the "Sugar King" as well as Hy's Mansion, is on the market after sitting empty for years.

The lavish Victorian home at 1531 Davie St. was built in the early 1900s for Benjamin T. Rogers, the founder of B.C. Sugar and it's refinery. Featuring stained glass accents and a sandstone exterior quarried from Gabriola Island, the mansion is largely unchanged despite various incarnations as an apartment and then different restaurants.

In the early 1900s, the West End area was widely decorated with grand Victorian mansions, and was known to locals as “Blueblood Alley.” Today only a few of these historic jewels remain, and Gabriola House, the largest and grandest, is treasured by the local community for its historic significance.

The property listing (three-storeys plus basement) boasts of a "rare chance to be part of Vancouver's rich architectural history." At 17,327 sq. ft., it's designated for retail, with office and restaurant space.

Gabriola House has won two heritage awards, and has been designated an official “Class A” protected heritage site by the City of Vancouver. Any new changes or additions must be approved by City Council.

And it can be yours for a cool $10,000,000.