Make Your Mark at the Business After Hours Networking Social

Make Your Mark at the Business After Hours Networking Social
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In an age when LinkedIn and Meetup dominate the online networking world, you may be pleased to know that the old-fashioned methods of business networking are still alive and well. While the Internet is a great place to learn and connect, nothing beats the face-to-face interaction that those in sales and business require to build relationships. It's with this philosophy in mind that the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce organizes its Business After Hours Networking Social. In order to provide a relaxed and informal setting for its members and guests, the Chamber of Commerce hosts a variety of other mixers that aim to bring like-minded business professionals together. Here’s what you need to know if you hope to be noticed at this business networking opportunity.

The KCC: Built with a Focus on Community Concerns

Established in 1936, the Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce has dedicated itself to establishing social ties and acting as a catalyst for communication in order to address the issues that affect members of the Vancouver business community. They lobby municipal, provincial and federal governments to advocate for their members’ concerns. They are committed to promoting a thriving business community by establishing informal events such as the Networking Social. The end goal of the KCC’s activities is to improve the economic condition of its members and to help the city thrive. Your membership and participation grants you access to an enormous wealth of community resources and professionals who are there to support and further your business initiatives and to address your concerns.

Specific Talks And Key Issues

Despite the fact that these socials are meant to be, well, social, they also feature some guest speakers and key issues that are relevant to local business owners. For example, on March 27, the evening will be devoted to a discussion of real estate issues around rightsizing for retirement, which includes family home sale and addressing issues that arise from transitioning an elder family member to a senior's residence. This is a great talk for those with elderly parents, but you can also see the networking advantages if you are involved in the real estate industry. Each month, a new location and member is selected to host the evening, offering specific incentives and a different targeted focus for the event.

Prefer Early Mornings Instead?

If your evening schedule isn’t flexible enough to accommodate these events, then know that the Chamber also hosts an early morning meet up event on the second Wednesday of every month called the Chamber Morning Mixer & Lightning Networking. If you prefer the caffeine-charged version of a social discussion on topics surrounding current business challenges, then plan to sign up for the morning power session. Just like the evening component of these events, each month will feature a particular topic of discussion and members will bring their unique experiences to the social.

If you are a new business owner or entrepreneur in Kitsilano, these events are an ideal way for you to connect with other business operators. In business, mentorship and networking are key, and personal investment in the community goes a long way. No matter your schedule or industry, the Business After Hours networking social will present great opportunities to further your entrepreneurial goals.