Participate in An Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Nitobe Memorial Garden

Participate in An Authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony at the Nitobe Memorial Garden
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Nestled in the heart of Vancouver, the Nitobe Memorial Garden and Tea House is an ideal place to enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony. Following the historic tradition, the tea house offers one of the most authentic tea ceremonies in all of North America, set in the highly regarded Nitobe Garden. If you're interested in taking part in the Summer Tea Ceremony series, now is a good time to set a date for this unique cultural tradition.

About the Nitobe Memorial Garden

Located on the grounds of the prestigious University of British Columbia, the Nitobe Memorial Garden has the great honour of being considered one of the top five Japanese gardens outside of Japan. The garden is named after Inazo Nitobe, a scholar, philosopher and educator who worked to promote the relationship between the United States and Japan or, in his own words, "a bridge over the Pacific." Following a very methodical approach, the garden exists as a place of harmony between masculine and feminine and features many plants native to the West Coast that are pruned to look like those in a Japanese garden. The garden is also replete with other types of plants that have been sent from Japan like azaleas, irises and cherry trees.

About the Tea House

Called Ichib-an, or "Hut of the Sweeping View", the tea house is inspired by the traditional structures found in Japan. It features a similar layout to these structures, which makes it work for the interactions of the tea ceremony. The house features the traditional waiting room, waiting bench, outer and inner garden, middle gate, preparation room and main tea room. While the gardens within the house enhance the experience of the tea ceremony, they are chosen for their subtlety so they do not contrast too greatly with the flowers of the tearoom. The main tea room features enough space for a ceremony consisting of four people, featuring a main post of Japanese red pine, and a kakekomi style split-level roof which compliments the size of the tea room.

The Traditional Tea Ceremony

As an ideal way to experience the authenticity of Japanese culture in the city of Vancouver, visitors to the tea house and newcomers to the ceremony can witness and partake in the formal preparation of tea. Taking place on the last Saturday of each month and running from May through to September, there are 5 different ceremonies each day which host 8 people each. The tea ceremony will start in the waiting room where participants will be escorted through the outside garden of the tea house to the waiting bench, then to the inner garden and the tea room where they will learn the traditional ways of the ceremony.

If your have an interest in Japanese culture, you may want to take advantage of a Japanese Tea Ceremony in Vancouver. Offering one of North America's best tea ceremonies, the Nitobe Memorial Gardens and Tea House will provide an authentic Japanese cultural experience. Whether you're a newcomer to tea ceremonies or you revere the traditions of this popular historic tradition, this is an experience not to be missed for the tea lover!