Three Kitsilano Stores to Get Your Hiking Supplies for Your Spring Treks

Three Kitsilano Stores to Get Your Hiking Supplies for Your Spring Treks
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One of the most amazing aspects about living in Vancouver is the abundance of easily accessible hiking trails within or just outside of city limits. Whether you're an avid hiker with a chiselled physique or you just enjoy getting out for a quick hike as a way to remain active, hiking remains a great way to get fresh air, enjoy nature's beauty and build relationships with family and friends. No matter what your objective is for your hike, it is helpful to have the appropriate gear to make sure you are safe and that you stay healthy for future hikes and activities. Before you head out on the trails this spring, swing by a local hiking store and give your gear an update. If you're looking for hiking supplies in Kitsilano, try the following three stores located in the neighbourhood.

A Wide Variety of Outdoor Gear at Comor Sports

Comor Sports, located at 1980 Burrard Street, has a wide variety of outdoor gear. Though they specialize in snow gear (they're a great place to come if you like to ski or snowboard), they also have basic outwear like toques, light jackets, and spring gloves. They also have a wide range of Oakley sunglasses if you need to pick up a new pair of quality sport sunglasses for your hikes. Finally, they have a lot of durable and loose fitting clothing that can be worn for hiking or mountain biking. Swing by and take a look at this place if your personal style leans more toward the skier or snowboarder type.

Atmosphere: A True Hiking Store

For a wide range of hiking gear that is customized to the intimate demands on a hiker's body, check out Atmosphere on 1625 Chestnut Street. Before you visit the store, head to their website and print out a gear checklist. They have activity-specific checklists for camping, day hiking, backpacking, climbing and paddling. Their employees are extremely knowledgeable outdoorsmen who can assist you in making your purchases. They carry all the major hiking brands, from Marmot to Helly Hansen and everything in between.

Get Quality You Can Trust at The North Face

The North Face is a very recognizable brand that is associated with quality. They make products for all age groups that relate to the outdoors. The North Face has numerous jackets available, from a down jacket all the way to a soft spring shell. They carry extensive outdoor clothes and accessories. They also have casual clothing and footwear if you'd like to buy clothes you can wear around the city and not just on the mountain!

Vancouver is a very active city, and residents of Kits are leading the charge when it comes to hiking and experiencing the outdoors! The great thing about living in Kitsilano is that you can shop for all of your hiking needs in your backyard. Jackets, climbing equipment, boots – Kitsilano has it all! The next time you stock up for a spring hike, check out these local stores to get everything you need for an enjoyable hiking experience.