Three Ways You Can Make the Most of Jericho Beach Despite the Colder Weather

Three Ways You Can Make the Most of Jericho Beach Despite the Colder Weather
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Those who have been paying attention to the weather in Vancouver recently should note that this is not what the typical Vancouver winter looks like. A major snowfall in February certainly isn't what most Vancouver residents thought they had signed up for. Still, even when the snow falls and the weather gets cold, there's no reason you can't enjoy all that Kitsilano has to offer, and that includes spending a day at the beach. Here are three ways you can beat the cold weather blues at Jericho Beach in Kitsilano this year.

Find New Ways to Enjoy the Beauty of the Ocean

The ocean in Vancouver certainly is beautiful all year round. However, some might argue that the cold weather season is the best time to take in the full natural beauty of the ocean. If you've always been a summertime-only beach goer, you'll be amazed at how stunning and awe-inspiring the ocean can be in the winter. Not only that; the beach takes on an entirely new appeal in the winter as well. If you're at all photographically inclined, this season is perfect for pictures as the lighting is naturally more dramatic in the wintertime. This is also a great time for beachcombing and collecting seashells and other treasures, as storms will cause lots of ocean debris to wash up on shore throughout the winter months.

Pack a Picnic and Make a Day (or Night) of It

If you're concerned about staying warm at Jericho Beach, packing a picnic full of warm food and drinks is a great way to help your body stay heated. The best time for a cold weather beach picnic is usually at sunrise or sunset; that way you'll get to enjoy a great view while you sip and munch on whatever delicious warm goodies you've brought with you.

Bring the Kids and Enjoy Some Fun Without the Sun for the Whole Family

Have you ever noticed how children just don't seem to be affected by cold weather in the same way that adults are? By bringing your kids to the beach, you'll discover some totally new ways of enjoying the beach year round. After all, kids aren't usually worried about what they're wearing or whether or not they're getting a good suntan; they simply want to run around and have a good time, no matter what the weather looks like. Kids will love cold weather beach activities like sandcastle building, kite flying, beach volleyball, soccer, and other beach sports. The best part about playing at the beach in cold weather is that you can take up as much space on the beach as you want; you won't have to worry about sharing your plot of sand with anyone else!

Just because the temperature outside isn't above 30 degrees, that doesn't mean you can't hit the beach and have a great time. Some might even say that the beach is more fun this time of year. So don't let the cold weather fool you; this winter, Jericho Beach is the place to be!