Vancouver Land Prices map

Vancouver Land Prices map
Peter Raab

Vancouver Land Prices Map

A map indexing the current value of Vancouver land gives us a good picture of where the deals are, and where the prices are too high.

The Heat Map, which is published on Estate Block’s site, takes data from the Open data Vancouver Catalogue and colour codes the price per square foot in the city. On this site, you can zoom in and click on areas to see the location and price per square foot (PPSF) of the parcel.

From the map we find that some of the city’s most desirable locations are in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood; but don’t lose heart if you are shopping for something more affordable, the map does show pockets and parcels in some of the hottest areas that are well-priced. Just don’t get too excited about the water-side ($0) parcels, those are parks and sadly, not for sale.